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Your workplace has a huge impact on your organisation’s success. It tells your story, drives employee motivation and productivity and helps attract new employees as well as new customers.

With over 30 years of experience, Tailor & Foster has the expertise to independently advise and manage the creation and implementation of an inspiring and supportive work environment to improve the way your team works whilst reflecting your corporate culture and values.

Regardless of the size of your project, we always act in your best interests. Under our expert guidance, your desired framework and concept will be safeguarded. We will always negotiate the best deal on your behalf, reducing your costs in the long run.


A solution tailored to your needs and within budget expectations


A solution that supports your organisation - today and tomorrow


A solution that attracts and retains precious selected talent


Do you want to re-evaluate the total lifetime cost of your current work environment? Is your organisation growing? Are you considering reducing the size of your work environment? Or is the end of your lease approaching?

No matter what workplace changes will occur, you’ll have to cope with professionals, such as estate agents, architects, interior designers, contractors, and more. They are, indeed, professionals, but do they guarantee independent advice or do they make room for personal goals?

Tailor & Foster is different. As independent advisors and project managers with extensive experience exclusively in the field of working environments, we only have your goals in mind and represent your interests.

Whether you rely on us to provide strategic advice on your business accommodation, draw up a well-considered program of needs, property selection, negotiate and monitor your projects and your objectives, we will act in your best interests. Always.

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100% independent advice

Tailor & Foster provides expert advice and project management. It’s our sole focus. Our independence and passion drives us to the best solution, ensuring an optimal balance between costs and benefits. As we are not influenced by any predetermined supply route, our path is our own and decisions are yours to make.

Minimal business disruption

We minimize and control the amount of your time that is diverted away from your core business. We also help to avoid any employee distraction or anything that could adversely affect your day-to-day business.

We operate as one team

The know-how, experience and power of the entire team will stand behind every client, every time. Where needed, we join forces with other professionals, yet we are not tied to a specific agency, nor to a predefined roadmap.

We work well with others

As true believers in synergies, we are delighted to join forces with others. Over the years, we have built solid relationships with remarkable specialists recommended by our clients and we are always keen on adding more to the list!

Professionalism assured

We value your preferences, and that includes getting your approval when it comes to which consultant(s) you wish to work with, going forward. We also guarantee a continuous senior presence and support throughout your project life cycle.