International Food Group
HQ Offices Ghent
5000 m2
  • Strategic Advice

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For the headquarters of the Vandemoortele Group in Ghent, we delivered strategic advice based on the insights we gathered from the Group Marketing Director.

In order to create its “Food Experience Centre”, we worked out a few ways to implement the infrastructure in such a way that taste, smell and sustainability are key. For instance, by centralizing the Food Experience Centre and surrounding it with offices and other meeting facilities.

Next to that, it was of vital importance to merge the 3 existing Vandemoortele locations into 1 work environment for its 400 employees. The client encouraged flexible working before it was the norm, and noticed the many opportunities to work together in one of the various proposed meeting pods.

From the size of the building to its design and how it potentially could be divided in order to enhance productivity and cohesiveness, we accurately aligned the clients’ needs and vision into a clear briefing and project management for the architect and partners.

Thank you for the fruitful collaboration Vandemoortele Group.
Special thanks to Eddy Van Blanken and the Vandemoortele team.

images by Marcel van der Burg