Moving together towards well-being.
Opinion piece by Bernard De Cort, partner of Tailor & Foster

Today’s definition of a work environment is not only the physical office.

At Tailor & Foster, we aim to incorporate the complete environment – including the well-being of the team. We sparred with Justin Couturon, founder of GYMLOFT.

Specialized in coaching highly effective people with little time, and motivating them to becoming their best productive selves, GYMLOFT organically flowed towards creating an energizing program for complete organizations as well.

Movement is key in a balanced and productive behaviour. By composing the Corpo Gym program, GYMLOFT focuses on shaping healthy and vital co-workers, as part of a long-term team building.

Safety is the starting point of building any kind of community. With the work environment being a crucial community, Justin explains to “focus on building a team, and avoid stressful, intensive boot camps.”

When aiming towards strengthening human capital, stress is reduced, a safe and positive energy is cultivated, productivity is increased and results are reached.
So what are your collective goals?

A physical work-out place is not necessary, as Justin and his team of personal coaches design a tailor-made program to connect your organization to its physical, mental and general targets. From on-line to off-line, from your home, or work environment to the GYMLOFT studio.

This is exactly what connects Tailor & Foster to GYMLOFT.
To provide a safe and healthy work environment, customized to each individual organization, while enhancing the collective well-being spirit of your team.

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All my best

Bernard De Cort